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Rest 23x28inch Color on Jangji paper 2022.jpg

Artist Statement

I have been drawing nature. 

I like the unique patterns of animals that convey the strong energy of life in nature, shape, the movement of light in nature, and the vivid eyes of animals.


I admire the dynamism of their faithful lives that they endlessly exude and value their healthy living instinct.


I think that animals that convey a vitality stronger than that of any other being running across the plains under the sun are more beautiful than anything else.


To me, the unique patterns that animals have open the way for me to freely imagine life,

In addition, it is not simply a form or a pattern, but has meaning as a symbol that captures the vitality of existence.


I hope that the green leaves, brightly blooming flowers, and expansive green gardens in my work will provide you with a time of peaceful rest.


After a break, my zebras, leopards and monkeys will soon run out into nature again. And It will once again present the splendor of life.

I hope that my work inspires you and gives you the energy to shine brilliantly in your own life.

I wish that the stability of my little paradise will be a time of healing for everyone.

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