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Founded in August 2021 by Kyungshil Choi in Palos Verdes Rolling Hills, California, USA, Ryan Art Galley & Managements' mission is “Connect and Opportunity.”

Through the Art fair held in United States and Korea, it is a space to showcase the contemporary art of all stage artists based in Korea and Los Angeles, CA USA.

In the culture of America and Korea, it is providing a venue for exchanging energy and experience through the connection between generations, which connects emerging artists with established artists who have already built their own world.

In order to open the door of opportunity for emerging artists with a background in Korean culture, it is their calling to provide opportunities to showcase their work with established artists.


Therefore, Ryan Art Gallery & Management wants to play a small role in living a better life through rest and recharge for those who meet artists' works through the synergy and opportunity created by the connect between culture and culture and between generations.


  • Attend La Art show, Palm spring Art show, Kiaf Seoul, BAMA (Busan International Gallery Art fair), Art Market San Francisco

  • Support for creating an artist's work environment

  • Consult Office and Residential Artwork 


Coming Soon

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