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Dancing with joy, Colored on Korean paper, 112 x 162cm, 2017


After my individual exhibition in 2019,
I read books related to the human brain

They say that some combinations and separations make the creative things

Either the two meet and combine
Either break up the combined....

It is said that our brains perceive this slightly altered state as creative.

I cut the two postcards with a knife and weave them together.
It seemed good that the texture was expressed differently.

Immediately, I applied it to the work.
Two tasks must be completed like our brain.
One of them is horizontal
The other one is vertical

And I weave it back together of zigzag.
Dissolution and union must be co-exist.

Unknown world in which parts may be expressed on the surface

It was excited me and beat my heart fast

Fear, excitement, joy, sadness.
I feel contrast emotions.

Thoughts become ever-changing as we weave strings and strings.
Two or three spaces overlap to create another world that unfolds
There is no fixed path.

There are only a myriad of options left.
My life also does.

I'm the one going that way.
And it's wonderful to share my feeling with someone. 

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